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Training Sessions In Fluitecnik

Training Sessions in Fluitecnik

Fluitecnik, a business group with almost 30 years in the Distribution and Automation sector, has started a collaboration with OMRON as an integrator of its Solutions in Collaborative Robotics in GUIPUZCOA and NAVARRA. This milestone is an important step in the goal that Fluitecnik has set for the coming years to evolve within Industry 4.0.

During November 2019, 15 companies and about 50 professionals from the automotive, electronics, paper and food industry sectors in Navarra, attended the training sessions jointly organized by OMRON and Fluitecnik at the headquarters of Grupo Fluitecnik in Orkoien (Navarre). In these sessions, Fluitecnik explained its ability to automate and integrate solutions with Collaborative Robots.

OMRON Collaborative Robot is currently the most intelligent, versatile, flexible and intuitive in the market. Its integrated vision camera, along with the “LANDMARK” are two of the advantages that this equipment has over other competitors.

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