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We check and repair tha damaged components so that they work properly.

We proceed to the inspection, cleaning, repair, assembly, painting, revision and testing of your damaged material so that it can work again, extending its duration.

  • Piston accumulators – Check, clean, repair, paint, test.
  • Main Saft Hydraulic Rings – Check, clean, assembly, test.
  • Pumps – Check, clean, repair, paint, test.
  • Coolers – Check, clean, flushing, repair, weld.
  • Manifold blocks – Check, clean, complete, adjust, test.
  • Measures devices / Electronic boards – Check, adjust, test.
  • Cylinders – Dissamble, clean, inspections, repair (3 different options depending of the failure), re-assemble, check in workbench, paint, check.
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Maintaining the essence of our beginnings, we have updated our brand image, choosing a clear, differentiating, universal and global symbol with an abstract, conceptual and futuristic proposal.

With this symbol we want to convey the values that have always defined us (unity, security, reliability and strenght) while maintaning the use of our corporate colors to create harmony with our logo.

When you see this symbol, Fluitecnik is there.