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Fluitecnik S.A. was created in Pamplona (Spain) in 1990 as a pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and electronic components supplier. Over these 30 years, it has been innovating continuously, becoming a supplier with the capacity to integrate different technological solutions.

In 1999 Fluitecnik decided to bet on renewable energies and since the same year it built a team of people specialized in providing services and meeting needs of the Wind Energy industry.

During 2007 and 2008, different productions plants were incorporated for the supply and commercialization of hydraulic groups and components in Spain, India and China.

Currently, Fluitecnik’s workforce is 130 people in Spain, 80 in China and the company has a partnership agreement with Wheels India Limited (the largest Indian manufacturer of automotive components) in India. It works through two divisions, Fluitecnik Industrial and Fluitecnik Windenergy. With this worldwide presence, it offers the best solutions in each of the markets in which it works.

  • Industrial – Dedicated to the Design and Manufacture, Distribution and Sale of Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Security Solutions, Robotics and Automations.
  • Windenergy – Dedicated to the Design, Approval Process, Prototype and Manufacturing of hydraulic components, cooling, lubrication, spare parts and tools for wind turbine manufacturers.

At Fluitecnik we are committed from the beginning to innovation and technological development. We work permanently focused on different innovation and improvement projects, always keeping in mind our adaptation to the future needs that are generated in the industry,

Creation of Fluitecnik and start of activity of Fluitecnik Industrial.

  • Start of Wind Energy sector activity.
  • Opening Commercial Office in La Rioja.

Opening manufacturing plant in China for the wind energy market.

  • Opening Delegation USA (Fluitecnik Inc).
  • Opening of the Basque Country Delegation (Usurbil).
  • Start of activity in the Solar Photovoltaic sector.

Opening Madrid Delegation.

Start of activity in the Solar Thermoelectric sector.

  • Reorganization.
  • Divestment Solar Sector.

Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Fluitecnik.

Creation of Fluitecnik India for the wind sector.

Collaboration agreement with Wheels India Limited.

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