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Fluitecnik’s engineering team maintains a close working relationship with both our partners and suppliers. This ensures the highest degree of innovation and design reliability.A young and highly qualified team, equipped with the most modern software and equipment, gets in touch with our customers and is responsible for developing the most appropriate solutions for each need, also defining the tests and verification test with the aim of validating the component or solution developed.

The constant and continuous collaboration with the client and the fulfillment of its specifications are fundamental to guarantee the design of the specific product that each client needs. Our designs and products are reliable, robust and durable, as are the machines on which they are mounted. Our “know-how” is our greatest value and is always available to the client in the search for new solutions.

Our products are approved, certifying that they have been designed, documented and manufactured to comply with design assumptions, specific standards and other technical requirements.

Our Engineering Department prototypes following the specifications provided by the client. We design, test and assemble the prototypes and when we get the validation of the customer, that product is produced in serie.

To take the prototyps we use test benches and all the documentation collected (data sheets, drawings, certifications, test reports, etc.).

We perform tests of the different components to achieve better quality and safety in the products that are going to be served to the customer.

After having carried out the design, homologation, prototype and testing of the material and once we are sure that we meet the customer’s standards and specifications, Fluitecnik proceeds to the serial production of the product, doing it with the highest quality.




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