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  • We are a company specialized in the wind and industrial sectors.
  • We sell components for automation and provide multidisciplinary solutions to our customers.




  • To be the first option for our clients in the development and supply of innovative solutions.
  • To be a company that drives leaders, it is profitable, efficient and socially responsible.



  • We value and respect people.
  • We give a Quality Service.
  • We have Spirit of Continuity and Growth.
  • We value the dynamism, pro-activity and autonomy of the Group’s people.
  • We collaborate and get involved with our customers and suppliers.
  • We fulfill our professional, social and environmental commitments.
  • We value honest and fluid communication, in all areas and in all directions.
  • We value Teamwork and the development of an Open Business Culture.
  • We believe in Innovation and Creativity as a determining factor of success.
  • We value the commitment to results.
  • Humility and simplicity.

FLUITECNIK is a Public Limited Company with 100% Spanish capital that was created in 1990.

More than 25 years of experience, diversification, internationalization and investments have built a portfolio of more than 1,500 clients, spread all over the world..

Fluitecnik’s activity is focused on the INDUSTRIAL and WIND ENERGY sectors.

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Maintaining the essence of our beginnings, we have updated our brand image, choosing a clear, differentiating, universal and global symbol with an abstract, conceptual and futuristic proposal.

With this symbol we want to convey the values that have always defined us (unity, security, reliability and strenght) while maintaning the use of our corporate colors to create harmony with our logo.

When you see this symbol, Fluitecnik is there.