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The integration of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) requieres a detailed study of the tasks to be automated to offer an optimal vehicle fleet.

The development process of an AMRs project includes the following steps:

  1. Data collection of the operations to be carried out: distances, frequency of movements, maximum load, cart format, type of floor, etc.
  2. Calculation of number of robots.
  3. Offer presentation. Solution with the robot models, accessories, mechanics and electronics of the upper part of the robots and integration with the management system (ERP) if requested.
  4. Customer demo to show their potential and operability in the project’s manufacturing environment.
  5. Simulation of number of robots and application.
  6. Acceptance of the project.
  7. Design of the upper part of the robots and interaction with the fixed part of the machine, parametrization and programming of the vehicles and communication with the factory management system.
  8. Start-up, support and staff training.

With the largest installation in the world, OMRON mobile robots are used in thousands of applications in various industries: automotive, food, pharmaceutical and digital companies, among others. Possible applications include replenishment of inventory alongside the production line, moving flow racks, transporting work-in-process between different stages of production, and moving finished products to the warehouse.


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