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At Fluitecnik Windenergy we design and manufacture hydraulic groups, cylinders and accumulators following the specifications of our customers. Our developments take into account the specific needs of longevity and maintenance in hard to reach areas. We pay special attention to the cost of the life cycle of the elements..

The electrical and cooling components can be for 50Hz or 60Hz systems. Most of our series have both versions designed in order to supply the one that our client needs at all times.

We design and manufacture complete braking systems: rotor brake, Yaw brake, brake calipers and connection accessories, integrated systems, …

We offer special equipment tailored to the client’s needs: filling, filtering, oil draining units; Nitrogen filling equipment; Systems for the movement of blades in the field.


Fluitecnik Windenergy designs and manufactures hydraulic groups, cylinders and accumulators following the customer specifications.


All our coolers are custom engineered to your specifications to provide excellent cooling capacity and long life cycles.


We manufacture customized equipment for use in the field or in your factory.
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