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Fluitecnik Windenergy makes available a wide range of services to our customers. We can custom design various components and systems for wind turbines. Additionally we offer our engineering expertise in the updating of existing designs to incorporate new technological improvements. We offer in-field technical assistance for maintenance or replacement. Our engineering specialists offer courses and seminars related to the assembly and maintenance of equipment. Customers may request their service or install technicians be trained directly by our team. We can offer our facilities and industry experience to perform advanced tests required by our customers; for example testing for longevity, strength, saline environment erosion, durability, torque, pressure, extreme temperatures, etc...


Design solutions for wind turbines. Our designs and products are reliable, robust and durable.


Our Technical Office is comprised of a team of highly qualified engineers.

O & M Services

Technical support, consultancy and start up services for windenergy industry.


Park retrofits on currently operating turbines.

Business Units


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