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Fluitecnik adds value to the product by offering “turnkey” projects for each specific application.

Our close contact with the client helps us to understand the process and the requirements of the application from the data collection and lead us to develop a technical-economic proposal with a viable solution. In this first phase of offering Cobots, it is critical to carry out a risk analysis, which will determine the necessary security according to the operation to be performed and the surrounding conditions. In this way, it is established in which way the Cobot will operate (collaborative and/or cooperative) to meet the defined specifications. A Cobot behaves collaboratively when the robot and the operator share workspace and cooperatively when they do not share it.

As in the rest of the automations, the integral solution encompasses the design of the application elements, manufacturing, programming, commissioning and CE marking of the installation.

In addition, we offer employees’ training so that they can program the Cobot not only in the target piece but in the rest of the products in the range.

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