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At Fluitecnik Windenergy we design and manufacture hydraulic power units, cylinders, and accumulators. We can build according to the specifications of our clients, or design a unique system using our own engineering expertise. Our developments take into account the specific needs of product longevity and the difficulty of maintenance in remote areas. We design and supply products with a strong consideration for the actual life cycle cost.

The electrical and cooling systems can be for 50 Hz or 60 Hz. The majority of our products have the ability to be offered in multiple versions, in order to provide our customers with their specific needs.

We design and manufacture complete braking systems: Brake rotor, yaw brake, brake calipers and fittings, integrated systems...

We offer special equipment tailored to cuestomer needs: Equipment for oil filling, filtering and draining; Equipment for filling nitrogen; Systems for the movement of blades in the field.

Distribution and pitch manifolds

Fully integrated hydraulic pack for pitch systems and yaw and rotor brakes

Oil heating system

Pitch cylinder with position feedback and manifold

Power pack units for pitch and yaw brakes

Rotor lock cylinders


Fully integrated cooling solutions

Manifold blocks with valves and sensor

Lubrication and filters

Full sytems

Gearbox and power pack filling units

Grease tank refilling units

Manual pitch movement group

Offline oil filtering units

Portable nitrogen charger for accumulators

Business Units


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