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At Fluitecnik Windenergy we design and manufacture custom solutions for wind turbines from 0.5 MW to 7 MW. We specialize in hydraulic pitch systems, hydraulic braking systems, cooling systems, lubrication systems, and specialty components.

We work in close coordination with the client to achieve optimal and competitive solutions; thus minimizing the time of design, development, testing, and manufacturing of the final project. Our international presence allows us to also offer a range of complementary services to turbine manufacturers, both globally and locally: regional warehouse, assistance in commissioning, spare parts, product repair, fiel support, product nationalization...

Among our core competencies in design and manufacturing are:

  • Hydraulics: Complete pitch control systems, breaking systems for yaw, rotor locks, pitch cylinders, accumulators, ...
  • Cooling and filtration: Cooling systems and filtration systems for gearbox, nacelle and converters.
  • Lubrication: Lubrication systems for wind turbines.
  • Equipment for special applications.

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